We provide a wide range of GIS and related services

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Plan & Define

Identification, definition and planning of objectives to solve clients’ doubts in the geographic information system.


Development, analysis and time for action of geo-related tasks


Pilot demonstration and getting feedback

Test & Verification

testing, validation and verification to provide a high quality result


final producation deployment


webinars, training and continuous customer support

Tools that we use

RealEye Digital is an official Safe Software Partner for FME Data Integration Platform 

Other tools that we use

Services that we offer

  • work and training services on the FME Platform (FME Form, FME Flow)
  • distribution, installation and configuration of FME products
  • development, production and implementation of online maps, web GIS and mobile GIS applications on the topic of:
    • mapping of volcanoes, earthquakes and other weather disasters
    • agribusiness – mapping of fields, crops, fertilization values or similar
    • census mapping, geostatistical analysis, spatial analysis, business and location intelligence
    • online mapping and monitoring of real-time or near real-time incidents based on classified satellite images
    • online mapping of landmarks and tourist attractions
    • online mapping of destinations, transport routes, logistics, etc
    • online mapping and third-party OpenAPI data integration
    • online mapping of other spatially oriented entities

We offer GIS services to enhance work of our clients in the following fields:

  • BIM
  • 3D and AR/VR (augmented/virtual reality)
  • Web
  • BI/LI
  • Indoor mapping
  • Real-Time (data in real time)

Reliability of our products and services as well as customers' satisfaction are our priority!

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