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FME - Data Integration Platform

FME data integration platform is growing, and is used by tens of thousands of customers worldwide. As a Safe Software partner, you can provide localized versions of FME, be a Managed Service Provide (MSP) for FME Flow Hosted, develop software, services, or tools that leverage FME, and much more. Let’s create seamless experiences together.

Unlock your full potential with FME

Join the tens of thousands of customers around the world, who are already enjoying the many business benefits that FME provides.

FME Form

FME Form provides drag & drop interface and enables simple and quick conversion of hundreds of formats

FME Flow

If you want to move beyond the Desktop, consider automating practically everything with FME Flow


FME Flow Hosted

FME Flow Hosted offers a secure and flexible solution for automating data processes on-premise and on the cloud.


It combines your data, creates a .fmear file in FME and shows experience in augmented reality right in front of your eyes.